"Chocolate or vanilla? Stop that noise."

-The Boston Metro

"Spend a morning with New England native, Jacqueline Dole, and what you'll get is a fistful of sweets. "

-Tell New England

"Ice cream queen Jacqueline Dole is stopping by Trillium’s Canton location to scoop a few collaborative flavors inspired by (and flavored with ingredients from) the brewery’s beers."

-Boston Magazine

"When Jacqueline Dole and Brendan Pelley met last summer, the two chefs got to talking about, of all things, Harry Potter."

-Boston Magazine

"Jacqueline Dole isn’t afraid to meld sweet and savory. The former Mei Mei pastry chef just launched her own line of hard ice cream, and ingredients like gochujang, toasted milk solids, and sage give the Parlor Ice Cream Co. a unique position in Boston’s venerable landscape of frozen confections."

-Boston Magazine

 "I think a lot of people love puns, eating ice cream and emo so why not join all three and have some fun?”


"recently launched Parlor Ice Cream Co. sells “unapologetically weird” flavors — like grilled sweet corn with miso caramel — through indie restaurants (like Jamaica Plain’s savory pie purveyor Aurum) and pop-up events" 

-The Boston Herald

"Think toasted coffee milk, miso and sesame caramel, maple parsnip, and farmers’ cheese with berry jam."

-The Boston Globe

“Ice cream is a great vehicle to play with texture and flavor, but in a more accessible way than your fine-dining pastry atmosphere,” says the former Mei Mei pastry chef, who’s in the process of procuring a temporary brick-and-mortar home"

-The Improper Bostonian